ISVs help financial institutions

With the journey to the cloud with the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team

January 12, 2022

By Omkar Nimbalkar | 2 minute read

Banks today face significant challenges: they must evolve to follow the latest trends in new technology and consumer demand, while also adhering to stricter and ever-changing industry regulations. Significant opportunity exists for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that can build solutions that help banks more effectively manage security and compliance in the hybrid or public cloud.

In 2020, IBM announced an industry-first platform called the IBM Cloud for Financial Services, designed to address the regulatory challenges faced by financial institutions looking to use public clouds. Now, more than 50 ISVs have joined the IBM Partner Ecosystem to support the platform. These ISVs work with IBM to help banks integrate offerings from third-party providers and modernize core applications, helping improve the customer experience.

Natural collaboration

Intellect Design Arena Ltd., a global leader and one of the first full-spectrum banking and insurance products company, is one of the first ISVs to join the IBM Cloud for Financial Services ecosystem. Arun Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Intellect Design Arena Limited, articulates it well: “Our collaboration with IBM was a natural progression to help financial institutions address today’s economic pressures around regulation, security and resiliency. IBM’s market penetration and range of services are the perfect complements for our product expertise.”

Building solutions for cloud native environments like the IBM Cloud for Financial Services requires understanding and making the right design choices for application components and how they are deployed to a Kubernetes platform. For Intellect Design Arena, these decisions centered around how to manage application lifecycle, configuration and dependencies and the best way to implement workload isolation. Getting these decisions right was essential for their migration to IBM Cloud.

As a member of the IBM Partner Ecosystem, Intellect Design Arena was able to engage the  IBM Hybrid Cloud Build team to help manage these roadblocks and enabled Intellect Design Arena to easily adopt a Red Hat OpenShift deployment. Learn more about Intellect Design Arena’s journey to the IBM Cloud→

The Hybrid Cloud Build Team comprises of IBM developer advocates and deep technical experts devoted to helping ISVs and Global System Integrators (GSIs) drive workload migrations and application modernization with IBM’s Hybrid Cloud & AI solutions. The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build team assistance can be secured as a benefit of Cloud Engagement funding. You can contact your IBM representative for more information.

The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team is ready to help GSI and ISV partners embrace Red Hat OpenShift on IBM public cloud. For more information, contact the team directly at:

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