Fleap Digital Company

Uses blockchain technology to deliver digital transformation to the Italian fintech industry

January 12, 2022

By Omkar Nimbalkar | 2 minute read

Fleap Digital Company develops transformation software systems to manage various aspects of limited liability companies – from managing corporate structure to data protection and transaction tracking – in a completely digital way.

As an extension of this, Fleap is setting out to become a cornerstone of the fintech industry in Europe by developing a think tank platform that facilitates the meeting and matching of sophisticated investors with innovative startups, all done in compliance with the legal rules and regulations of the countries in which they do business.

Experienced with distributed ledger technology (DLT), Fleap turned to blockchain, which enables users to manage the full lifecycle of any kind of asset on a secure, scalable platform with risk and compliance programs, reducing the friction involved in creating, buying, and selling these assets. Going a step further, Fleap decided to employ blockchain for digital assets, which involves the creation of unique digital representations of assets that go beyond traditional financial instruments. These can include, for example, record transactions and tracking assets in a business network to digitally manage notarial deeds.

Fleap invested significant time learning European corporate and financial law. Applying these laws to the new platform in a way that would accommodate changes to regulations without affecting platform compliance was a fundamental requirement.

Fleap’s reasons for collaborating with IBM were many, including the ability to create an architecture that was flexible and scalable, while minimizing what could have been considerable cost to do so. Add to that the critical production skills, support, and seasoned experience of the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team in blockchain, Kubernetes and hybrid cloud services, and Fleap was set up for success.

Fleap collaborated with the IBM Hybrid Cloud Built Team to:

  • Build a Proof of Concept (PoC) for their digital application
  • Deploy and test their application using Hyperledger blockchain, IBM Cloud and distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • Understand how IBM Cloud helps them meet all necessary business and financial compliance regulations

The containerized solution is orchestrated with IBM Kubernetes Services.  IBM Cloudant and PostgreSQL are the base for the deployed application, and StaaS is applied to store relevant information in the most secure way.

“It was as easy as software development of this magnitude could be. IBM is one of the founders of hyperledger so we are using the IBM Blockchain platform which was very easy to instantiate. Then we decided to leverage their Kubernetes cluster to develop all our microservices. We decided to use an open source approach because we believe in the long term it’s going to be platform independent. We are proud to be part of IBM startup program and to be an IBM business partner.” –Gianmaria Clerici, CTO, Fleap.io

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