DS Compliance

Raises the bar on security and confidentiality with IBM Public Cloud and Watson AI

January 12, 2022

By Omkar Nimbalkar | 2 minute read

Protecting data and consumer privacy are worldwide, cross-industry priorities. DS Compliance, an IBM Silver Business Partner based in the UK, creates multi-industry cybersecurity and compliance solutions that are developed and managed by highly experienced data security experts.

The ability to transcribe and analyze audio files adds an important, sophisticated new source of data for investigators and analysts. DS Compliance’s new DS Dash: Voice Analytics connector enables analysts to integrate voice into the IBM Security i2 Connect event timeline to enhance POLE (Persons, Objects, Locations and Events) data and identify additional relationships and contextually relevant spoken information.

DS Dash: Voice Analytics provides real time transcriptions, custom keyword and phrase searching, and compliance management of audio assets. The new flexible and powerful connector lets investigators and analysts use voice analytics on any type of voice file, from call centers and CCTV to interviews and surveillance files, plus keywords and phrases can be tailored for any individual case.

The seed for this technology originated from a client who had hired paralegals to listen to voice recordings and determine if any GDPR content was present. DS Compliance built a solution that transcribed voice-to-text, but the accuracy of the transcription depended on the quality of the recording device, environment, and other factors.

The company discovered that government agencies were also interested in applying these same technologies to a different use case: law enforcement. To create a suitable solution for such a highly sensitive application, DS Compliance had to navigate two critical requirements: very strict European security regulations and extremely accurate voice-to-text translation – two very high bars.

The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team collaborated closely with DS Compliance to create a Proof of Concept (PoC) that would clear these hurdles. The reworked solution also identified the presence of applicable keywords, phrases, and context rather than relying solely on long transcripts that could contain much irrelevant information.

The team set up the security and compliance guidance required for hosting government workloads on IBM Cloud, provided training on organizing resources to manage multi-tenant solutions, and set the stage for co-creating a new application quickly and easily using IBM Watson Speech to Text.

The preparation, training, setup, and support from the Hybrid Cloud Build Team made it possible for the solution to be built rapidly and with purpose. Enhanced with their own security clearances and ISO alignment, the resulting product also includes an extra level of security via IBM hosting and technology, which gives the product an even greater edge.

DS Compliance noted that IBM’s twin pillars of security and confidentiality were critical to the partnership.

“When you are dealing in a security/compliance world, confidentiality of course takes on a whole new meaning. One of the big benefits of IBM is that IBM does not keep the file at the end of the day. And that is worth its weight in gold. In this case, for example, [the customer] would not want somebody else … to have access to potentially damaging files or information or anything like that.”

—Bradley Geppert, Co-founder, and CEO of DS Compliance

The successful Proof of Concept is now ready for customer trials. Learn more about DS Compliance’s journey to IBM Cloud.